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Story 2

It all started when was just a little boy and he would go out into the garden to play. was such a good boy and always behaved whenever anyone was around, even the bully Cal the Cow, who picked on him every day at the downtown coffee shop, where worked. One day though, a magical fairy named Joe Smith came and gave some magical beans, thought he was kidding when he saw that the fairy was wearing tight leather shorts and a pink hat. But tossed those feelings aside and decided that he might just take those beans, hey, maybe he could plant them some day. Anyway, to get on with the story, took the beans. After the fairy left started to examine the beans very carefully when all of a sudden Cal the Cow barged into the coffee shop. Not knowing what to do hid the beans in his pocket.

"Well, well, well, hello ," Cal the Cow said.

"Uhm, yeah, hi Cal the Cow," said. Cal noticed that was acting very different today and thought that just because of that he needed to make his life even more worse.

"So, , what you got there?" Cal the Cow said, noticing was keeping something in his pocket.

"Oh, nothing, nothing at all Cal the Cow. I am sure you need to get out and do something else you big heifer. Cal the Cow was shocked, had always been such a good little kid. That didn't stop Cal the Cow from doing anything else though

."Say, why don't you give me what you got in your hand, bird." didn't really care that Cal the Cow was trying to bother him again. What mad him even more mad was that he had called him, BIRD! was sure that Cal the Cow would not take this any further. Ohhh no, calling someone a BIRD was one of he WORST things EVER anyone could ever do.

"Arrrrggggghh!!! You have really made me mad now Cal the Cow! You are going to regret calling me, BIRD!" yelled . Then with that took out a large cream pie from under the coffee counter and smashed it right smack in the middle of Cal the Cow's face.

"AHHHHHHHHH!!!" screamed Cal the Cow. "You little, BIRD, you have got cream in my eye!!"

"Thats twice now Cal the Cow..." called out softly. You won't like whats in store for you now. reached down beneath the counter again and pressed a bright, glowing red button. looked up just in time to see Cal the Cow fly by as he fell into the hole that emerged below him. Falling, falling, falling, Cal the Cow fell what seemed for ages before he landed with a incredibly large thump. It was black as black as a foggy night where Cal the Cow was, when all of a sudden a lone TV turned on.

"Welcome to the Tony Danza Channel! Tony Danza 24 hours a day!" Cal the Cow knew what was in store for him, a life of complete hatred for . Because, come on. Who could possibly like Tony Danza? Back with . had just finished cleaning up from Cal the Cow when he realized. Two things had made him get made at Cal the Cow. One, the magic beans that were given to him by Joe Smith. Then two, being called BIRD! knew what was in stored for him now. He would protect the rest of the world with his new powers now. He would become, Super, protector of people being called, BIRD!

Stayed tuned later for more on Super, protector of people being called BIRD! later. Thank you!